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Introduction:At the CompTIA A+ 220-100 exam, you will be asked to answer questions about the terminology of color. You may be asked if something is a color or if something is a shade of a color, if color is an attribute of something or if something is a color, or if something has color. You may also be required to find out if color names, colors or shades of color are property names, see, and/or class names in a computer’s operating system.Many people use color to classify things. For example, colors help define qualities, emotions and experiences. They can also be used to label, organize and describe content and icons. People often use colors to make an impression. Colors can make things seem more appealing, sadder, larger, smaller, or more threatening. Colors can also help people read, see and process information, and even help people distinguish the sex and age of someone they are looking at.Color definitionsColor is a general word that describes what something looks like. There are many ways to identify color.Color is another word for shade. One color is a shade of another color. Colors are created by adding equal amounts of red, green and blue to a white color to form a full spectrum.Color is used to describe the body, appearance and shading of something. Color can be used to describe the light wavelength, whether something is warm or cold, the texture or smoothness of something, and whether something is clear or transparent. Color is also used to describe the appearance of some animals and plants.The color of something is the way it appears to the viewer. It may seem different than how it appears to the object itself. For example, sunlight causes a blue sky to appear blue.The color of something is a visual attribute. It is what a person or a computer sees. Color is also sometimes called chroma or hue. A person or a computer can use color to think about the visual aspects of something.Colors have distinct meanings.Red is a vibrant color, which means it is hot. Red in a color wheel is on the left side, and all the other colors are on the right side. White represents the middle. Red is an intense color. Red is used to represent fire. Sometimes they use the word luminous to mean the light of a fire.Green is a color that is soothing and refreshing. It is also used to represent 08929e5ed8

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